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who we are

Who We Are?

Manufacturing & supplying certified organic input from last one and half decade which help in growing organic product. Our existence is in 18 countries like Germany,Spain, Morocco, Vietnam etc. We have nearly 450 hectors of organic farm land where we produce cereals, vegetables etc. And over 950 hectors are in control monitored closely and helps in producing good quality organic product. Thus we are catering healthy livelihood of more than 1500 farmers which is increasing day by day. We are
proudly associated with FTS, IFOAM, TRA, UPASI, ICCOA, UPASI, TRA, BPIA, CHEMEXIL,AIMO etc. Our products are certified by Biocert..

How we stand different ?

We go straight to field, maintain direct contact with farmers so that they can successfully carry out organic farming. This direct liaising helps us to understand the needs of farmer and the issues they face on daily basis. This process enriches our knowledge base and ensures that the product is 100% organic. Our sustained campaign for biological approach of crop management has proved immensely beneficial for growers and consumers. Our organization has made some amazing progress to emerge as key provider of different natural agro items both nationally and globally.

who we are
who we are

Our Mission

“Be organic … from Farm to Plate” is our slogan we swear by, and it is our mission  too. Our commitment is to provide high quality, sustainable and safe food products to our society. We endeavor daily to supply our customers our high quality ingredients at a competitive price through creative services. And to achieve this result, we contribute to sustainable and safe agriculture.

Our Vision

We are to include more and more plant incorporated formulations to resolve agriculture issues. Our major emphasis is to promote sustainable, organic farming both in domestic and global market. We attempt to improve livings of small and marginal farmers through fair trade practices. We have 1400 hectors  of organic farms, nearly 1500 farmers to whom we are providing technical support and other support for the betterment of their livelihood.

who we are
who we are

From the Director

Our ancestors knew the secrets of nature and were not trying to outsmart it and as a result, we slowly lost that wisdom. At “Be Organc” staying connected with nature and finding the answers for health and well being from nature is our main objective and purpose. Our mission and vision is very simple and quite straightforward. It is our promise to you that :

  1. We provide high quality, sustainable and safe food products to our society
  2. Providing fair pricing for quality organic food.
  3. Fair trade practices with farmers.
  4. Providing knowledge on health and nutritional benefit to our customers.

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