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Eat wisely with this Healthy Alternative of ‘Roasted Jowar Diet Snack’ from the unique gluten-Free range of BeOrganic. An outstanding source of minerals and antioxidants, it is prepared from a mix of Jowar, cumin seed, dry mango and ginger powder.

Product Description

What makes the signature Roasted Jowar so special?

Our organic Puffed jowar has more proteins and proportion of carbohydrate components than what maize contains with lower fat content.

Our nutritional value pack per 100grams of Puffed Jowar contains more fiber and micro nutrients than any of the whole wheat or whole grain would contain. high on insoluble fibers makes it easy to digest.

Apart from profuse proteins, the BeOrganic Puffed Jowar is packed in multiplex of minerals like iron, calcium, potassium and magnesium. It is totally free from gluten and is low on glycemic index, which makes it truly valuable to consume for people suffering from diabetes.

The product is processed through dry roasting that keeps its nutritional values in place, and makes for longer shelf life.

If you want seek to keep your heart healthy and manage your weight, use this as a substitute for wheat flour, or multi-grain in your meals. Healthy Alternatives Roasted Jowar makes delectable rotis and rolls.

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