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Hey! Here am me- ‘Millets’ (locally aka Bajra, Bajri, Kambu, Sajje). I am well known as high on protein, fiber, iron vitamin B, calcium, thiamin and riboflavin, magnesium and minerals. I was once the extensively cultivated cereal crop but the fancy rice and wheat took me over. But I am the rage again curbing the increase of diabetes, mellitus due to certain food habits. My health benefits are multiplied processed in the agronomy of my originator – “BeOrganic”.  I am now the finely cut non-allergenic grain available, adding biological value to easy digestibility a numerous health benefits. The presence niacin in Me-Bajra helps in lowering the cholesterol.

Product Description

Why should you pick me?

Integrating the wholesomeness of Oat flakes, wheat flakes, Whole gram, and flaxseeds and mingling of tangy spices, I offer more protein and minerals than any soft grains like rice or sorghum could.

Being gluten-free and laden with nourishing nutrients, I am the most recommended millet of your regular diet & low-fat snack by doctors.

My preparation can safely develop different kinds of supplementary or weaning foods for feeding school, pre-school kids and people of all ages.

I the Millet — am the best companion for nursing mothers and little tots to aid in healthy childbirth, milk production, and lactation.

Wonderful different Uses of Pearl Millet Mix

  • Add the mix in your chapatti atta or puttu flour to have an extraneously crunchy, delicious regular meal.
  • Add the flakes to dosa batter and make dosas
  • For a tropical treat, mix in some unsweetened coconut, apricots, hemp seeds and cashews.

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